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Herd Health + Age

Our goal is to provide deer with optimal nutrition during the peak antler growing and milk producing stage, which is critical for fawns to get a jump on being able to evade predators.

Northern Minnesota winters are flat out miserable for humans, imagine how stressful it is for the critters in the woods.  To get deer a head start in the spring, and to give them a better chance at withstanding mother natures' brutal winters, giving deer enough food to get through these stress periods are a critical component to herd health.  Identifying their stress periods (late winter/early spring) and giving them the means (planting winter food plots and early green-up plots) will be critical to how healthy the herd is.

Another element to herd health is age structure of the bucks, and the buck to doe ratio.  We encourage hunters to harvest does if they need to get their ratio in check, and to let the young bucks walk for a chance at harvesting a mature buck, and allow the young ones to mature.

Farmers aren't out harvesting soybeans while they're flowering, so we encourage hunters to let their deer crop to mature before harvest also